GeneralAire – Clean Rooms – Indoor Air Quality – Air Filter products used by Perry Aire Service’s HVAC Technicians in Arlington – Washington DC – Maryland & Virginia

At Perry Aire Services we carefully choose the products we put in your home or business! We use almost all of the largest companies. No one company makes everything and no one company has all of the best equipment! If I will not put it my home or office, I will not put it in yours! GeneralAire is one of our highly recommended and used products.

“General Aire Systems is a leading manufacturer’s representative and distributor of specialty air handling equipment and air filtration systems in the Mid Atlantic area. As a strategic partner of Camfil Farr Company, Purafil, Seasons 4, Midwest Cleanrooms, Steril-Aire, Vigil Air, Clean Rooms International, Robertson Manufacturing and other aligned manufacturers, our products include Make Up and Recirculation Air Handlers, ASHRAE, HEPA and ULPA rated Filters and Housings; Chemical media Filters and Housings for HVAC and process applications; Containment and Bag In/ Bag Out Systems for Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Homeland Security Solutions; Cleanrooms, Cleanroom Components, Cleanroom grid systems, terminal HEPA filters, Fan Filter Units and Specialized HVAC equipment for Pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory, and all other clean space applications including fan wall technology; a complete line of Ultra Violet Germicidal Light Emitters for biological, pathogen control and air quality applications.”
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