MovinCool – Portable Air Conditioners – Ceiling Mount Air Conditioners – Primary, Supplemental, & Spot Cooling products used by Perry Aire Service’s HVAC Technicians in Arlington – Washington DC – Maryland & Virginia

At Perry Aire Services we carefully choose the products we put in your home or business! We use almost all of the largest companies. No one company makes everything and no one company has all of the best equipment! If I will not put it my home or office, I will not put it in yours! MovinCool is one of our highly recommended and used products.

“Within the air-conditioning industry, MovinCool enjoys a reputation for highest quality, highest reliability and longest equipment life.

The reason? As part of DENSO’s legacy, all MovinCool HVAC products must conform to the company’s automotive standards. That’s why every component in a MovinCool spot air conditioner must pass 50 rigorous tests, including three-axis vibration, extreme temperature cycling in a thermal shock chamber and exposure to eight different types of dust particulates. So, it’s no coincidence that MovinCool is the only spot air conditioner designed to meet stringent automotive quality standards—and that MovinCool offers the industry’s only full three-year manufacturer’s warranty.”
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