Skuttle – Indoor Air Quality – Air Cleaners – Humidifiers – Make Up Air Control products used by Perry Aire Service’s HVAC Technicians in Arlington – Washington DC – Maryland & Virginia

At Perry Aire Services we carefully choose the products we put in your home or business! We use almost all of the largest companies. No one company makes everything and no one company has all of the best equipment! If I will not put it my home or office, I will not put it in yours! Skuttle is one of our highly recommended and used products.

“In the 1950s, Skuttle moved its operations from Detroit to Milford, Michigan, then to Marietta, Ohio, in 1977. In the mid-90s, to clarify its position in the marketplace, Skuttle Manufacturing Company began doing business as Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products.

Today, under the capable leadership of President and CEO Davis Powers, Skuttle continues to set industry standards for humidifiers, air cleaners and make-up air controls for residential applications. As it was in 1917, so it is today… Skuttle stakes its reputation on outstanding quality, performance and customer service.”

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