What our satisfied customers say about Perry Aire Services…


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to summarize our appreciation for the service your company and employees provided to us last week at the Pentagon and the professional manner in which it was all handled. Our company, Boeing, had a mobile demonstration (18 wheeler type) trailer at the Pentagon for some very important customer events and one of the air conditioning units failed. I called several area companies in an attempt to get it serviced and as soon as they heard it was on a trailer, their response was “oh, we don’t do that!”

However, when I called your company, Steve ( I assume a different Steve than yourself) answered, was very professional and readily accepted the job. Although the job itself and the extra security measures required at the Pentagon all presented additional challenges, your team really stepped up and got the job done. The technician, Steve showed up bright and early the next morning (an hour earlier than scheduled), dug right in and had the problem repaired in short order.

We were then faced with challenges (on our end) in getting the invoice paid and again, your employees (Beth, Steve, and others) all handled the situation with patience and very professionally while we worked through the difficulties.

Please pass on our sincere appreciation to your staff for a job well done. They saved the day and their efforts are truly appreciated. Your company has been placed in my database of service providers as we frequently host these types of events in the D.C. area and will certainly call on you again if needed.

Thank you again,
Project Manager
F-18 International Programs – Boeing

I have had the pleasure of working with Perry Aire for the past four (4} years in my position as a Senior Property Manager with The Rappaport Companies. Perry Aire has provided unparalleled service to my buildings at the Central Park Complex located in Fredericksburg VA. They have shown a high level of expertise one seldom finds in smaller firms, as well as finding issues, determining a course of action and resolving problems that often challenge larger firms.

Their communication is excellent and their staff is professional and detail oriented. They provide an emergency response time that is unmatched in my thirty (30) years of experience in the Property Management field. Without hesitation, I offer my recommendation to anyone looking for HVAC, Electrical or Plumbing service.


Elden B
Senior Property Manager

We are extremely pleased with the Fujitsu system you installed in our house. Since it was an older house in an historic area, there were many challenges, but your team came up with creative solutions that our respected aesthetic concerns, both indoors and out.

Throughout the process, Perry Aire was responsive to our requests. The work was completed efficiently, with minimum impact on our daily living. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, we are delighted to have the extra space liberated by the removal of the old HVAC system as well as the comfortable temperatures achieved throughout the house and the lower energy bills.

Thank you very much!

Anne K
Alexandria Virginia

January 26, 2016

We Have been satisfied customers of Perryaire Services for the last several years.

They have installed several 5-ton systems as well as some smaller ones and in every case their work is totally professional and performed in the time stated. There have been no “surprise billings” and each new piece of equipment has performed perfectly from the start.

Our building, which has 65 units on the roof or in the ceiling of various tenants, has been almost carefree, ever since Perryaire took over the regular, semi-annual maintenance. We have access to our main service tech by phone and he is always willing to answer questions or come out when necessary.

In our relationship with Perryaire, we feel we get the very best service possible. Every employee is friendly and competent on the phone, as is the technical staff in the field.

We recommend Perryaire – without question.

Elizabeth F
General Manager
MRE Properties, Inc.

January 26, 2016

I can, without hesitation recommend “Perry Aire Services, Inc.” to perform HVAC or plumbing services to any Property Management Firm with properties in the Central/Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and the Southern Maryland markets. I can say this because Perry Aire Services, Inc. has been our HVAC (3 years) and plumbing (2 years) provider for the Central Park Complex in Fredericksburg Va and has provided outstanding service with both maintenance, repair and service calls (unbelievable excellent) and replacement with HVAC equipment. Mr Perry and his Managers are professional, responsive, respectful and generally a pleasure to work with.

Eldon B
Senior Property Manager
Fredericksburg Virginia

January 27, 2016

I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Perry Aire Services. Over the past year, Perry Aire has provided exemplary service on numerous occasions for the maintenance, repair, and replacement for several of our HVAC systems.

We recently selected Perry Aire to upgrade two roof top units at one of our shopping centers. The units were installed quickly and efficiently by a great team that went out of their way to minimize the impact on tenants and customers.

I have been impressed with Perryaire’s professionalism and reliability throughout the sales, scheduling, installation, and maintenance process, which is why I recommend them highly.

Carrie L
Property Manager

“I can’t express how much that meant to me, that a company was willing to come out that late to ensure we were ready for business. This is the way we like to treat our customers and we can’t do that without service providers, like your team doing the same for us.”

Thanks for the support!

Purple Onion

I have had the privilege of working with “Perry Aire Services, Inc.” for the past 4 years on performing several HVAC services at my APHA building. Perry Aire Services Inc. installed a 140 ton Roof Top Unit and five (5) floors of new controls in our commercial property, in a timely and professional manner at the end of December 2014.

This work was completed in such a precise time that it did not interfere with our daily operations. The ownership and senior management are very professional, responsive, and respectful to the needs of our complex and senior management.

Klaus W

Over a ten day period in September of 2013, the owner and staff of Perry Aire Services Inc provided us excellent customer service, support, pride in workmanship, and professionalism. They even say the “T” word (thank you) on a regular basis, as in “thank you for your business’. Practices which, in today’s global market place, are the exception rather than the norm.

A leaking water valve, connected to our upstairs toilet, created major damages to our downstairs bathroom and laundry room.

A bi-fold door separates the washer/dryer from our bedroom. We had no idea as to how long the walls and ceiling had been hiding water and possibly high levels of mold and/or other bacteria. What heightened our stress was that we both have asthma and that up until then, we felt that our month-long respiratory problems were the result of seasonal issues.

Therefore, repairs were in the “emergency/time is of the essence” category. We did not have the time to do our normal “Angie Check”.

We contacted our neighbors for a referral. Owner Steve Perry of Perry Aire Services Inc and his staff had just completed major renovations to the new addition onto their home including: replacement of their attic duct system, installation of a HVAC system including a very complicated radiant heated floor system, filing all necessary county permits and being present for all inspections.
I called Perry Aire on a Friday, hoping that someone would be able to come out the following Monday. I was absolutely amazed that the owner contacted me one hour later to arrange to drop by Saturday.

The next day, at 9:30am, the owner called to let me know that he would arrive in about thirty minutes. Steve Perry rang our door bell at 9:50am, ten minutes before our 10am appointment.

As requested, he contacted the insurance company’s independent adjuster so that they would arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect the damaged areas and agree as to what the minimal immediate corrective actions should be.

Mr. Perry continued to act on our behalf by communicating with the adjuster and senior claims manager on multiple occasions, via phone and email correspondence, answering their questions and providing detailed documentation to substantiate the need for additional repairs previously concealed by wet ceiling, walls, and floor. To me, they all conversed in an unintelligible foreign language.

We have two final comments for our review of Perry Aire (Heating and Plumbing) Services Inc.:

Pristine is the best word to describe what our home looked like, inside and outside, when the plumbers and other restoration people left our driveway for the final time. Similar as to how a good outdoorsman leaves their camp site, their carbon footprint was undetectable. And yes, the downstairs bathroom which they had used all week was squeaky clean.

The owners concern for, and emphasis on, customer satisfaction is underscored when he (and staff) provides customers with his personal cell phone number.

William S

Perry Aire is unique among construction service companies; a significant differentiator is the owner, Steve Perry, who personally holds master level certification in the three services areas of his company: HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical. His personal knowledge and expertise creates a culture of excellence amongst his staff. Over the last ten years, Wagner Enterprises, Inc. and Steve Perry have partnered on projects ranging from construction of multi-million dollar custom homes to repairs of client rental units. This professional relationship has been professionally rewarding for me as a builder and for my clients. I highly recommend the services of Perry Aire.

Ron Wagner
Home Builder

Highly recommend this company. Great customer service with reasonable prices. Company installs and services state-of-the-art as well as older units. I have lived in several different homes over the course of 20 years. The company owner has maintained and/or replaced the air conditioner and furnace in each of those homes. When replacing a unit, they give me equipment options at various price levels which enables me to work within my budget. They recently replaced my air conditioner with one that is more energy efficient and has a thermostat which I can access/change/turn on and off from my iPhone or computer–loving it!!! The unit emails the company and me if something goes wrong. I always buy the annual service plan which provides for a spring and fall checkup at a reasonable price and keeps the units running optimally.

Trisha C