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Ideal for high-density, highly networked open office areas, Carrier’s flexible Axis™ Underfloor system provides a complete air distribution solution that can easily be reconfigured, reduces operating costs, improves indoor air quality and boosts building productivity by giving occupants greater control over their environment.

AXIS™  35BF-CT  
Rectangular floor grille 50 – 325 Airflow Range

AXIS™  35BF-D  
Linear floor diffuser plenum 0 – 325 Airflow Range

AXIS™  35BF-R  
High induction swirl diffuser 0 – 120 Airflow Range

AXIS™  35BF-V  
Variable volume diffuser plenum with damper 50 – 325 Airflow Range

AXIS™  42K  
Perimeter fan coil 325 – 2800 Airflow Range

AXIS™  42U  
Series flow fan-powered unit 280 – 1200 Airflow Range

AXIS™  45X  
Fan-powered zone mixing box 50 – 6200 Airflow Range